There are no easy point-and-click ways to email me here, due to my disinterest in having the address harvested by spammers.
If you want to make a teensy bit of effort, try one of these options:

replace the stars with my first name

Replace the stars at the beginning of the address image with my first name - hint: there are four stars to replace, and four letters in my first name.
And, just in case you're unclear about what you see in the image, after my name the characters are "underscore m underscore w"

Note that sometimes emails to this address go in the junk folder without me seeing them. If you don't get a reply from me, then it's because of the junk filter - I guess I need to provide a better address here, but I haven't yet, so maybe just try again, or try one of the other contact methods listed below.

If you're here for the Evo T20 stuff, you could try contacting me through the Open Evo T20 mailing list at

(If you're interested in T20 stuff at all, you really should be subscribed to the mailling list anyway - you'll get much better support there than you would just by talking to me)